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Conscious Parenting Workbook


Please fill out the form below for this FREE resource or if you are interested in joining our Conscious Parenting group! This workbook has changed the lives of countless parents and families. It will be automatically sent to you as a PDF file via email. Cheers to you and your parenting journey!

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If you have been a part of the groups, the retreats or even listened to a seminar, then you know that Conscious Parenting is a movement! Conscious Parenting is an approach that promotes mindful awareness and intentional choices in raising children. The aim is to create an environment environment that is safe and encouraging of authentic expression. It places  priority on your own self care and personal growth while recognizing there needs to be a strong foundation in raising children such as self awareness, compassion and empathy for children to emulate. This specific style of parenting has been life changing for me and my children who now have a forever connection knowing they have a safe and supportive environment mentally, physically and emotionally.


If you can't seem to connect the dots between you and your children, if communication is lacking, strained or awkward or you just don't know how to go about this whole parenting thing-the workbook is certainly for you. If you are a new or existing parent, this workbook is also for you and created especially for parents by a parent. Who else knows what you are going through but a parent themselves. With the help and support of Creative Copy I have been able to share this material and CREATE a positive and connected environment for parents around the world. Please connect with us and let us know how you and your family are doing once you start this interactive, though provoking, family key to success-Conscious Parenting workbook. 

Made possible by Creative Copy!

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Please email us and let us know how we can support you and your family! Please specify in the form if you would like to  receive the FREE workbook or join our conscious parenting group.

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